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Friday, April 6, 2012 Jungle-Drum n' Bass-Dubstep


MARCUS VISIONARY..... Marcus Visionary has been in the music game for almost two decades. Born and raised in the multicultural land of Toronto, Canada, Marcus was fortunate enough to have an early start. Music was an integral part of his childhood and family life. His family was one of the first to leave their native home of Guyana. ONce they settled in Canada, they made it thier goal to bring the rest of the fsmily over as well, for young Marcus this would mean there was always family around and the party was always on his doorstep! His cousins and uncles would DJ all the family functions and his father was an avid record collector. His dad would collect everything from Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Bobby Womack, Al Greene to all of the latest Funk, Disco, and Reggae records all throughout the 80's. His brother and sister were big rock and pop fans exposing him to Led Zeppelin, Yes, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Ozzy Osbourne, Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson etc. His teenage babysitters, who were 16 year old boys, also had the DJ bug and exposed him to the eccentric Funk driven sounds of George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, as well as the early Rap and Electro of the early 80's. As you can see there was no escaping music for the very young and curious Marcus Visionary. As Marcus got older he had no interest in video games, sports or toys of any sort. He was fascinated with Sound Systems, Turntables and DJ Culture. The Art of Playing Music for the Enjoyment of People was at his very core. At a very early age Marcus took over the reigns at many of his family functions and soon became the DJ who would rock all of the family parties, school dances and hall parties in his neighbourhood. Marcus had his first club gig at Toronto's famous Spectrum Nightclub where he earned the name Mark Swift for his quick transitions and smooth mixing style. During the mid to late 80's Marcus was keen and following the progression of Disco to House and the birth of Techno. Marcus was fascinated with the Garage and Acid Sounds of Chicago, New York and Detroit but other than school dances and house parties he was limited to where he could play this new sound. A major turning point occurred for Marcus between 1990-1992 when he was exposed to a local radio show called 'This is London' hosted by an extremely charismatic British ex pat. DJ Malik X. Marcus was about to get his first dose of how the U.K was running things! At first Marcus would tune in to hear the latest in Acid Jazz and Rare grooves but not long after Malik started spinning the early sounds of what would become known as Jungle. At the time he was referring to this music as Ragga Techno. Spinning the latest cuts from Shut up and Dance, Nicholette and Rebel MC. This was it for Marcus. He had found the musical melting pot that would later become his career and also a major driving force in his life. Jungle was born and there was no turning back. From' 91-'92 Hardcore was making its transition to Jungle and Marcus was definitely encouraging the transition. Addicted to the Heavy Bass and Breaks this was all the motivation Marcus needed to launch Torontoís first 'ALL' Jungle company known as Delirium. This came at a time where 'Jungle' was intermingled with House, Techno, and Progressive. Delirium had quite a run throughout the early 90's hosting over 30 events not including some infamous weekly events. By the mid nineties Jungle was in full swing. By 1997 Delirium had suffered the fate of greedy financers and Marcus had grown weary of dealing with people he couldnít trust. So in December of 1999 Junglist Movement was born. This would be a company that he could truly call his own. Junglist Movements goal was to continue in promoting Jungle Drum n' Bass as a music that is defined by sound system culture. Having access to all of the latest vinyl made Marcus a very hot commodity. In 1994 Marcus applied for a radio show on Ryersons 88.1 CKLN. Prophecy radio was born. Early DJís such as Ruffneck, Hrdcru and Medicine Muffin joined Marcus for hours of late night hardcore jungle sessions. In 1995 a listener who had a connection for 89.5 F.M (University of Toronto) radio phoned in and suggested Prophecy should be moved to the more powerful radio station. Boasting 15,000 watts of power with a signal that reaches from Barrie to Buffalo N.Y, Kitchener to Cobourg Marcus made the move and adopted a new partner then known as DJ Shadow and now known as DJ Prime. 13 Years later and the Prophecy is still on the air as North America's longest running Jungle Drum n' Bass radio program. Tune in Every Sunday night from 8-10 p.m on 89.5 F.M Prophecy has had too many guests to name throughout the years but the one show that has stood the test of time and has managed to make it's way across the globe is Shy FX featuring MC Skibadee and MC Fearless. This show most definitely has put Prophecy on the map! As Jungle transitioned into Drum n' Bass, Marcus continued to push the more Dub, Soul, Jazz, and Reggae aspects that he admired so much about Jungle. Adapting and Finding the Best of the Music he loved was his Main Goal. During this time 2 Step/UK Garage and Speed Garage had managed to steer many Junglists away from Drum ní Bass in the U.K and North America. Marcus caught the Garage bug and began spinning alongside Sassale forming a company with promoter Tony Matharu called 'Flirt' at Toronto's Nasa Dance Pub. Flirt prospered in Toronto from 97-2000 but started to fade as Garage transitioned into Grime. Disillusioned by the MC heavy sound Marcus once again became inspired with a new sound in Drum ní Bass. By the year 2000 Jungle was rearing its head again with the rebirth of a Dubbier, More Hardcore Sound with the likes of Total Science, Digital, Future Cut, Ink and Loxy all pushing the return to Jungle Techno. This period brought back the spark that originally had inspired Marcus. The music was being reborn. Liquid Funk was being pushed by Fabio and more Soulful, Dubwise, Melodic Sounds were finding their way back into Drum n' Bass. This fresh spark would lead Marcus back into the studio with the hopes of contributing to the sound that was now his life and love.
SLIM PICKINS..... With over 8 years of DJing experience, Slim Pickins has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the global Break Beat movement. As the owner of Junta Dub Recordings and a long time member of Boodang Music Canada Ltd, DJ Slim Pickins is always on the grind. His passion for music stems from the combination of a varied musical upbringing and a heavy exposure to urban music at a young age. Deep ties to the world of Hip Hop, Drum ní Bass, and Breaks led Slim to take his place behind the turntables and since then there has been no looking back. This veteran's notorious skills have shared the stage with the full spectrum of Jungle's finest talent. From legends Shy Fx, Kenny Ken, Ed Rush, Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Dj Zinc, Total Science and Dieselboy, to Nu-Skool terrors Dj Craze, Dj Rectangle , Dj Dara ,Limewax, Concord Dawn, Spor, Noisia, Friction, Teebee, Evol Intent, Infiltrata, Corrupt Souls, Gremlinz, Psidream, GEIN, TZA, Dj Swamp, AK1200, MC Armanni, MC Sharpness, Mat the Alien, Freaky Flow and Capital J, this Soundman has been Rocking Shows and Tearing up Dance Floors for years. A new focus on showcasing the heavyweight Dubstep sound that has taken the West Coast by storm saw the launch of Junta Dub Recordings for 2008. Teaming with the likes of 12th Planet (LA), TRILL BASS (LA/NC) & Excision (KEL), Junta Dub is intent on bringing the Dubstep movement out to the masses by combining Bass Bin Shattering Beats, B-boy Breaks, and Irie Riddims into a dance floor friendly format. Armed with deep crates stocked full of an upfront selection of Reggae, Dark, Hard Techno, Liquid and Classic anthems from years gone by, Slims strives to create a energetic and unique vibe. Incorporating mainly Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and Dubstep influences with a touch of Soul, Jazz and Funk into his Performances, Slim prides himself on a versatile style that seamlessly blends all styles of Drum ní Bass. Branching out to play other genres at various events has gained Slim Pickins the reputation as one of Canada's favorite party rocking DJs, a reputation which continues to grow exponentially with each new musical endeavor. Prepare yourself for Slims' notorious high energy sets in a dance floor Mash-up for your rump!


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